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Registered Office Address

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What is a registered office address?

A registered office is an official address of an incorporated company and is publicly available. It is important for the Goverment and Clients to see where legal letters get sent to, and for any official representation to go in person if necessary.

It is a legal requirement to have a registered address for your business and the address must be within the UK. However, Your registered office address doesn’t have to be in the same region as your principal trading activity but it must be a complete, physical postal address in the same UK jurisdiction in which your company is registered. If you do not have a registered office address, you cannot open a business in the UK.

Why is a registered office required?

The registered office must be an address within the UK.  This is the address that Companies House, HMRC and other government bodies will use to deliver legal letters and notices to. Companies are required to display their address on business correspondence, for example business website, business letters etc.  Without a UK registered office address a UK company cannot be incorporated.

Why choose a different registered office address to your trading address

By purchasing a registered office address you are protecting your identity and keeping your personal address private and confidential.  If you choose our prestigious London addresses your business then has a prime address location, on one of the most well-known and respected roads in London.  This will also increase your client’s confidence by using this address on your business correspondence. 

If you are located overseas then our address service is ideal for you. 

What is CFS Formations' Registered Office Service?

CFS Formations is a Registered Office Address provider.  It is a legal requirement for all UK Companies to have a UK Registered Office Address. The address must be a physical address where your company post is sent and it must be located in the same part of the UK in which your company is registered. The UK Registered Office is held on the public register and is available for the public to view.

The Registered Office can be a residential or non-residential address, however most people prefer to keep their home addresses private. The purpose of the address is to provide Companies House and HMRC with an official address for delivering your company mail. Order today on 01302 729 041 or contact us by clicking here.

What is the difference between Official and All Post?

We offer two services for our registered office addresses, an all post service or an official post service. All post service includes all letters sent to the registered office address.  If you require letters from banks, clients, suppliers then the all post service would be perfect for your requirements.  Official post includes all letters from HMRC, Companies House, ICO (Information Commissioners Office), ONS (Office for National Statistics) and other Government bodies.

How does the registered office work?

Your post will be forwarded on to you, on a weekly basis, either scanned or posted.

Official post sent out to a UK address, or scanned post is free of charge. 

Post sent overseas will occur a small postage fee, please contact us for more details.

To save you getting lots of junk post we also remove this.

What Registered Office services do CFS Formations have available?

We have a variety of Business Address services available, including services whereby you only receive official government letters and a service where you can receive all letters for your company.

We have 4 different locations available, including:

By using one of our London Registered Offices, this will give the impression that your company is situated in England’s capital city, London. Our Prestigious London Address is located on one of the top streets in London, Regent Street. This is one of the world’s main financial centres. By using our Regent Street, Mayfair service this will give your company a higher profile as it will be situated on this well-known and highly respected street which is well recognised throughout the world. 

Below is a full list of registered offices we have available:

Doncaster Registered Office (All Letters) - £230.00
Doncaster Registered Office (Official Letters) - £85.00
London, Wood Green (All Letters) - £245.00
London, Wood Green (Official Letters) - £100.00
London, Prestigious (All Letters) - £275.00
London, Prestigious (Official Letters) - £140.00
Scotland, Glasgow (Official Letters) - £130.00

To order a Registered Office service, please visit our UK Additional Services.

Why are there different UK Registered offices?

Within the UK we are able to incorporate companies in three different countries, which include England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Each area is governed by a different judicial system. In order for the company to be incorporated in the specific country, the company needs to have a registered office address in that location. For example, if you wish to setup a Scottish Company the company must have a Scottish Registered Office Address.

This is why we offer different registered office services within the UK. For a registered office address in Northern Ireland, please contact us. Within England and Wales, we offer three different address which provides you with a choice of a prestigious address.

If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact our customer service team.


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