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Reserve a Name Company - Change Ownership

Description Price + VAT
Reserve a Name Company - Change Ownership £75.00 £12.40

If you would like to change the Ownership of Reserve a name company please enter the company name below.


What is a Reserve a Name Company?

If you wish to protect a Company Name or create a Non-Trading or Dormant Company, then you may wish to order a Reserve a Name Company.
For our Reserve a Name Package we will incorporate a company with the name of your choice.
The company will then be incorporated using our Registered office and we will act as Director, Secretary and Shareholder of the company.
As the company is incorporated with our details, the company is owned by us and you are not able to use the company to conduct any business, but nobody else can use your company name.

Why would I need a Reserve a Name Company?

If you have a specific company name in mind but are not sure whether you would like to start business with the company, a reserve a name company is ideal.
The company name will be registered so that no one else can incorporate the company with the same name. We will maintain the company for as long as you need.

What if I want to take over the Company?

If you decide that you would like the company changing over so that you are the owner of the company, you can let us know at any time.
To take the company over we will send you an order form to complete. Once we have received the order form back we will make the necessary changes to the company.

What is included with changing ownership of a Reserve a Name Company?

Once we receive the completed company order form we will file the changes at Companies House along with a Confirmation Statement (the old Annual Return).
We will make the following changes:

• change the Registered Office Address
• Resign the existing director, secretary and shareholder
• Appoint a new Director
• Appoint a new shareholder
• Appoint a new secretary (if required)

Do I receive any Documents when Changing Ownership is complete?

Yes, you will receive the following documents by email:

• Certificate of Non-Trading
• Combined Register, complete with all the company details and history
• Cancelled Share Certificate
• New Share Certificate
• Transfer of Shares